Affiliated Marketing

Affiliated Marketing

This session goes over affiliate marketing identifying the strategic trends and demonstrating best practice with case studies.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

  • Greater Outreach
  • Improved SEO
  • Marketing Expertise
  • More Focused Spending of Money
  • Effective ways to experiment

1 Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
1.1 Overview of affiliate marketing and its major players
1.2 Best affiliate sites for monetization
1.3 Integrating affiliate strategies into your marketing mix
1.4 Setting up accounts on affiliate marketing networks

2 Getting Started
2.1 Finding a niche and selecting the right networks
2.2 Adding paid sponsorship, Google AdSense and links
2.3 Determining costs and creating a business plan
2.4 Obtaining and placing tracking code

3 Know Your Audience
3.1 Creating compelling content and effective landing pages
3.2 Incorporating video, blogs, email and social media
3.3 Applying and getting approved for affiliate programs
3.4 Selling executives on affiliate marketing as a viable income source
3.5 Understanding the role of search engine optimization (SEO) in affiliate marketing

4 Maximizing Effects From Your Efforts
4.1 Measuring the effectiveness of your affiliate campaigns
4.2 Driving traffic through natural and paid search
4.3 Negotiating a better deal and higher commissions
4.4 Leveraging your affiliate channel in other areas of your business
4.5 Top tools for optimizing your site

5 Connections and Communications
5.1 Effective ways to engage your audience
5.2 Generating revenue through a membership site or list building
5.3 Blending online and offline campaigns
5.4 Monitoring your site and promoting your efforts

6 Legal and Ethical Considerations 6.1 Legal best practices and ethical considerations
6.2 Trademark bidding and affiliate terms of service
6.3 Collecting data and protecting customers’ privacy
6.4 Assessing potential risks and challenges

7 What is Pros Know
7.1 How super-affiliates choose programs to promote
7.2 Building trust, influence and engagement with customers
7.3 Methods to make the networks work harder for you
7.4 Maximizing profits and multiple income streams
7.5 Making a business case for affiliate marketing

8 Case Studies
8.1 Successful affiliate marketing campaigns
8.2 Affiliate marketing through email marketing
8.3 Online publisher perspective
8.4 Capitalizing on coupons and deals

Course Duration : 20 hrs

Course Fees : Rs. 12,000/-

Available Batches : Weekend


Course Evaluation Plan for 100 Credits.

  • Class Room Participation / Team Work / Presentation - 20 Credits.
  • Tests & Assignments - 40 Credits.
  • Online Project Execution - 40 Credits.
Criteria of performance for IDM Certification
  • If >80% of Credits - Certification with Distinction Grades.
  • If 60% - 80% of Credits - Certification with Passing Grades.
  • If <60% of Credits - Participation Certification.
* The grading of the credits will be completely at the discretion of the faculty.

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