Introduction to Web Design with HTML

Mobile Advertising and Marketing

This session goes over mobile marketing identifying the strategic trends and demonstrating best practice with case studies.

Benefits of Mobile Marketing

Mobile channels: 01. Messaging, 02. Browsing, 03. Media, 04. On device

  • Free to receive by the customer
  • Reach majority of the population in very short period
  • High frequency for insertion into network messages
  • Send just to your target audience based on demographic profile
The mobile landscape and trends
Integration of the mobile channel and its role in the mix
Mobile web opportunities
Mobile display advertising
The crossroads of mobile and social media
Best practices and case studies

  • Getting Up to Speed on Mobile Marketing
  • Executing direct mobile marketing campaigns
  • Mobile Media, Publishing, and advertising
  • The part of ten
  • The text phenomenon
  • The mobile mindset
  • The mobile Marketing menu
  • Two-way marketing
  • Responsible marketing
  • Generation next
  • The language of text
  • Integrating mobile campaigns
  • Contents
  • Implementing a campaign
  • The Mobile Internet
  • The wireless revolution
  • Understand the wireless world
  • Marketing for wireless world
  • Improving Brand Awareness
  • Nine way business are using Mobile Marketing
  • Classic Mobile Marketing Mistakes you can avoid
  • Thinking strategically about your Mobile Marketing
  • How to use mobile display ads to grow your sales and revenue
  • How to use mobile paid search to drive customers to your business
  • Location-based Mobile Marketing
  • How to measure the ROI of your Mobile Marketing campaign

Course Duration : 30 hrs

Course Fees : Rs. 18,000/-

Available Batches : Full Time, Part Time, Weekend

Section 4

Basic Knowledge of Mobile Apps, IT & Digital Marketing

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Our Trainers

  • Yash Doshi
    Mr. Yash Doshi

    Digital Marketing Manger at Cibil Mumbai

  • Manish Bagul
    Mr. Manish Bagul

    Founder at Creataaz Infomedia

  • Mr. Kunal Shah
    Mr. Kunal Shah

    Founder at Ultra Violet Digital Solutions
    Pvt. Ltd.