Online Courses

Edupreneurship training courses offered by IDM are a platform for an individual who are keen on taking what’s on their mind – knowledge, skills, expertise, experiences – and making it a profitable venture or program, such as webinars, face to face training workshops, how-to guides, tutorial videos, workbooks and many more.

Creating effective online courses, workshops, training courses and webinars are some of the activities covered in Edu-preneurship training.

IDM is a leader in Edu-preneurship, Entrepreneurship, Edu-marketing, Efficacy and effective Education. We believe in changing education by bringing together edu-innovators and help generating influential ideas that shape your career.

Happy Edupreneuring with IDM!!

Design Portfolio

  • Yash Doshi
    Mr. Yash Doshi

    Digital Marketing Manger at Cibil Mumbai

  • Manish Bagul
    Mr. Manish Bagul

    Founder at Creataaz Infomedia

  • Mr. Kunal Shah
    Mr. Kunal Shah

    Founder at Ultra Violet Digital Solutions
    Pvt. Ltd.