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Affiliate Partners (AP)

Anyone who completes the IDM Certification( Content Writing, Design, Online Promotion or Online sales and specializes in business development of Digital -marketing can become an affiliate partner to earn commission on sales. The APs can be posted assigned under Channel Partners of respective geographic areas or can work Independently.

Channel Partners can negotiate with APs directly for their roles, responsibilities and benefits & can also recruit APs to enhance their business development /support network.

Opportunities for Businesses.

monsoon is the rainy season in Indian Subcontinent. most sought after period when the semi-arid Land gets Transformed into Lush green mass, where all sorts of plants and crops prosper Rejuvenating Life in the Region.

Monsoon symbolize a Gear-shift in desert like conditions to a complete vibrant space of growth and prosperity.

we at IDM Cause & Accomplish this Reality by using a system of traffic that influences the circumstances of a business Enterprise , we Bring visibility for the Product/Service in the Target market, Design Communication for exposure , Integrate Impactful word of mouth, Viral discussion resulting in conversions.

Institute of Digital Marketing

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Trainers and visiting faculty

  • Yash Doshi
    Mr. Yash Doshi

    Digital Marketing Manger at Cibil Mumbai

  • Manish Bagul
    Mr. Manish Bagul

    Founder at Creataaz Infomedia

  • Mr. Kunal Shah
    Mr. Kunal Shah

    Founder at Ultra Violet Digital Solutions
    Pvt. Ltd.